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Sheets Laundry Club - As Seen on Shark Tank - Laundry Detergent Sheets - Fresh Linen Scent - No Plastic Jug - New Liquid-Less Technology - Lightweight - 50 Sheets - Can do up to 100 medium size loads

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  • Your clothes will love sheets - we made this liquid free detergent sheet to soften and reduce wrinkles and eliminate odors, stains, and dirt. Our high efficiency laundry detergent sheet is ideal for everyday laundry cleaning, including cottons, linens, blends, and durable synthetics. It's also safe for whites and all colors, and you can use it in hot, cold, hard, or soft water. Great for the earth.
  • Long lasting detergent sheet that's safe for you - our powerful concentrated laundry detergent sheet is formulated to last 3 years and is also made without harsh ingredients, making it safe for you and your clothes. Our laundry sheet is eco-friendly, plastic free with recyclable packaging, we are please to say it's septic safe and is he compatible. A tru clean
  • Sheets easy to use 1 sheet and go application gives you the right amount-every time. Just drop 1 sheets from our recyclable box into the washer and you're done. Uses no Dyes, or artificial brighteners. Compatible with front and top loading, high efficiency washing machine.
  • Dissolves completely in hot or cold water, powerful cleaning. Eco-responsible packaging, biodegradable, dye free, natural, septic safe, vegan. Momtastic Says "Mommy Must Have".
  • Perfect for sensitive skin - our revolutionary formula of laundry detergent sheet is made without ingredients that are the leading causes of skin irritation, making our detergent sheet perfect for kids and adults with sensitive skin and who don't want to sacrifice fresh smelling clothes. Easy for kids to use
  • A deeper clean - Believe it or not, even the best detergents may not altogether remove all the body soils and stains trapped deep within items in your washload. So the clothing and bedding that looks clean it may not be. Eww! That's where Sheets comes in. It's formulated to better penetrate into and between fibers to dissolve and remove body oils and others nasties you may not even be able to see.
  • Up to 100 loads, for those who do extra small to small loads you can use 1/2 a sheet for a full clean. Our sheets are precut and pre-measured so you can say goodbye to overused liquid.

Details: Sheets Laundry Club Makes Laundry Easier Than Ever! 1. Remove laundry detergent sheet from our recyclable tray box 2. Place sheet in the washer 3. Add items to be washed Sheets Laundry Club is the easiest way to clean laundry, hands down. Our eco-friendly, lightweight laundry detergent sheets are made with concentrated cleaning power into .24-ounce laundry sheet that you just drop in in the washing machine low-sudsing formula works in all types of washing machines, including high-efficiency. (HE). Our Sheets are septic safe and do not harm any of the positive bacteria in your septic system. It's like a detergent strip but twice the size with twice the cleaning power. Our laundry sheet is what started it all. It's the foundation of who we are and what we are about. We have developed and patented a clean and convenient, and dissolvable sheet of laundry detergent that requires no measuring. You simply throw a sheet in with your clothes, start your machine, and within seconds, the detergent sheet will dissolve and begin cleaning. Our shipping and packaging materials are all 100% recyclable. Our Eco-Friendly laundry detergent sheets are great for your clothing, your skin, and your environment. They're so easy to use! No measuring. No mess. One sheet for Small to Large Loads, 2 Sheets for XL Loads. Laundry Sheets are not tested on animals and contain no derived animal ingredients! Additionally, they are free from artificial brighteners, dyes, chlorine bleach, and parabens. Thanks for checking out our Sheets, so easy a kid can do laundry.

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Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 5.0 x 2.5 inches