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Royal Berkey Gravity-Fed Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter System 3.25 Gallon with 2 Authentic Black Berkey Elements BB9-2 Filters

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Brand: Berkey

Color: Silver


  • ENJOY GREAT-TASTING TAP WATER EVERY DAY AT HOME- The 3.25-gallon Royal Berkey System can be used on a countertop in your kitchen or office to transform tap water into delicious drinking water that's also ideal for making your favorite beverages or cooking.
  • INDEPENDENT TESTING- Black Berkey Elements (the original BB9-2) are composed of a unique, proprietary blend of multiple media types backed by testing from accredited, third-party labs. Black Berkey Elements remove or dramatically reduce over 250+ typical contaminants that could be present in freshwater sources—no electricity, tools, or plumbing are required.
  • INCLUDES AUTHENTIC BLACK BERKEY ELEMENTS (THE ORIGINAL BB9-2)- Don't fall for lookalike filters that use our Berkey BB9-2 model number or trademarks in their titles or product descriptions to legitimize their brand as replacements or "compatible", when they are not. Black Berkey Elements are designed to work synergistically and target specific contaminants that far exceed the reduction capabilities of black filters solely composed of activated carbon.
  • ECONOMICAL, LONG-LASTING- Black Berkey Elements provide filtered water for just pennies per gallon. Each pair of Black Berkey Elements lasts for up to 6,000 gallons before replacement is recommended. Elements may require replacement sooner based upon the quality of influent water. Each additional pair of Black Berkey Elements (sold separately) adds an additional 6,000 gallons of contaminant reduction.
  • THE GOLD STANDARD IN GRAVITY-FED WATER FILTRATION- Authentic Black Berkey Elements are capable of greater contaminant reduction and a longer lifespan than virtually any of the other filter elements on the market. Berkey systems are simple and easy to use and require no electricity, costly installation, or tools, providing economical, long-lasting water filtration for just pennies a gallon.

Binding: Tools & Home Improvement

model number: RB4X2-BB

Part Number: RB4X2-BB

Details: Berkey Water Systems is the leader in gravity-fed filtration systems and trusted choice of adventurers, preppers, off-grid homesteaders and families for over 20 years. Berkey Systems were originally designed for extreme use for emergency preparedness and off-grid activities, and are also now used every day in millions of homes around the world by discerning, health conscious consumers who have declared water independence. Berkey systems provide economical, long-lasting water filtration for just pennies a gallon. No electricity, tools, or plumbing required. Berkey gravity-fed water systems are available in 7 sizes and are ideal for use at home, camping, fishing, RVing, or during unexpected emergencies and disaster scenarios. Enjoy delicious, refreshing water for just pennies per gallon.

EAN: 7661459884967

Package Dimensions: 16.3 x 10.1 x 9.9 inches