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Intuition, Connection to Subsconscious Bracelet | Waterproof | Minimalist Handmade Boho |Vegan (not silk), Hemp twine, 925 Italian Sterling Silver

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A handmade red string bracelet to increase your connection to your subconscious, intuition, guidance, strength and confidence.

'Make a wish and put it on
Ask your subconscious to guide you
In the next 3 days
Do what you are inspired to'.

Elena T. Founder of Eco Lovers Store.

A message that I intuitively felt to write to you.

Your subconscious is a very powerful part of you, it contains knowledge and wisdom of all your past lives and knowledge of how EVERYTHING works in the universe.

I created this bracelet to help you to reconnect with this ancient wise part of you that is there to guide you, protect you and help you to thrive. Every time you look at this bracelet it will be a reminder: do what you feel is right in your guts, do what your intuition tells you no matter how crazy it might sound. DO THINGS OUT OF LOVE AND NEVER OUT OF FEAR.

When you need to make certain choices in your life: breath slowly and completely relax all your body, your face muscles first. Once you feel calm and relaxed - feel what choice is the best for you. If still doubting - then none of these choices are truly yours for your best benefit. From this calm relaxed state of mind a new choice will appear that will serve you the best.

This bracelet is made out of 100% Hemp that is grown naturally, have no pesticides, require very little water, and is friendly to the environment and our planet. It was dyed with reactive dye stuff, it’s eco-friendly, non toxic and AZO free.

The beads are 925 sterling silver from Italy.

The 3 bead bracelet has an accent hammered bead in the middle.

Durable. Can be worn all day, no need to be taken off while showering or swimming. The minimalistic closure allows your hands and clothes to stay dry if the bracelet gets wet while washing hands, doing dishes, etc.

Smallest close - 5.5”
Largest opening - 11”

Comes on a Thank You card. Handmade in USA by Eco Lovers Store