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Good Luck Prosperity and Abundance bracelet | Protection | Handmade | Pyrite | 925 Silver | Hemp twine | Dainty | Boho Jewelry | Dainty | Vegan (not silk)

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A handmade pyrite bracelet for prosperity, abundance and protection, aids in business. Made with raw or round crystals.

I created this bracelet as a reminder that YOU ARE THE CREATOR of your own abundance. I could tell you that the pyrite will do the work and bring you all the abundance you want, and you can just sit back and chill... but the truth is that YOUR state of mind, your spirit being high, your vibe, your will power - that is what is responsible for bringing you the desired riches and success.

So wear this bracelet as a reminder to guard your thoughts. Are you thinking out of lack or out of joy when it comes to your work / business passion? Are you happy with what you are doing? And if you are currently not happy then why? What do you want to experience? How will you feel when it is happening? Feeling is the magnetic power that brings you everything in your life. If you let yourself drown in fear when it comes to money then what you are feared is what you will pull towards you. If you choose to enjoy even simple things in life like the smell of fresh air when you open your windows, the sun hitting your cheeks, a cute squirrel hopping from tree to tree - thats when you vibrate high and thats when you will magnetically attract abundance in your life. Train yourself to be concious of how your body feels when you think positive thoughts and negative. Like Dr. Joe Dispenza says: your body is your subconcsious mind. And that is what will guide you to get anything you want be it success, abundance, love, health, etc. 

'Make a wish and put it on

Ask your subconscious to guide you

In the next 3 days

Do what you are inspired to'.

Elena T. Founder of Eco Lovers Shop (A message that I intuitively felt to write to you after a prayer.)   

The bracelet is made out of 100% Hemp, that is grow naturally, have no pesticides, require very little water, and is friendly to the environment and our planet. It was dyed with reactive dyestuff, it’s eco-friendly, non toxic and AZO free. Pyrite is well known as a symbol of abundance and prosperity. The beads are food grade 304 Stainless Steel. Durable. Can be worn all day, no need to be taken off while showering or swimming. The minimalistic closure allows your hands and clothes to stay dry if the bracelet gets wet while washing hands, doing dishes, etc.

Here is a short video oh how to put the bracelet by

Adjustable: Smallest close - 5.5” Largest opening - 11” Comes on a handwritten Thank You card.