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COPPER pots and pans scrubbers (2 pcs), dish sponge, plastic free, eco friendly sponge, ZERO WASTE (no plastic packaging)

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You gotta try this copper scrubber for yourself! Comes in a set of 2. WHY COPPER? Cooper is a soft metal (will not scratch your lovely dishes) and is naturally antibacterial (copper continuously oxidizes and produces ions that break down the cell walls of bacteria), what an ideal zerowaste solution to get your pots, pans, sink, dishes and even tub clean and bacteria free AND with no scratches. Ideal on stainless steel, enamel, iron and aluminum. Do not use on teflon and non stick surfaces (You probably would want to do a little research why it is better to stay away from those materials anyways, they are not good for your health nor the environment). Size 3" diameter. Remember its a soft metal, so even if your sponge will not look attractive after use - it would still do the work and last a long time. At the end of its life recycle with metal.