The benefits of GUA SHA

The benefits of GUA SHA



Gua Sha is a well known tool lately that helps you to sculpt your face. Use it to relieve tension in the face (cause of wrinkles), reduce puffiness and inflammation. The musculature on the face is much thinner, so you do not want to apply too much pressure. 

Start with applying some base oil (our favorite is jojoba, rosehip or sea buckthorn) with a drop of essential oil (you can find them at on your face first. 

Below are the directions for basic moves to help you to get rid of a double chin, sculpt your cheek bones, raise your upper eye lids.  

Regular use of gua sha helps to reduce the pores size and help with sinuses. 

When you start - use gua sha every day for 10 days and after that using it every other day is sufficient. 

Gua sha improves blood circulation. 

Here is a video demonstrating a couple of important moves:



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