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Long lasting handmade natural scrubbers (cotton and sisal) with stainless steel hooks for easy drying, natural scrubbie, zero waste

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Dish scrubber with convenient stainless steel hooks for easy drying.

Tan: sisal (naturally antibacterial). 

White: cotton (for washing dishes, wiping table, countertops after meal preparations and eating, highly absorbant)

Sisal is a very strong natural fiber, it is more durable than jute. The coarse texture helps to remove hard stains without scratching non stick surfaces. 

Weaved recycled cotton is absorbant and durable. 

These zero waste scrubbers are sturdy,  long lasting and at the end of their cycle can be simply composted.

Instructions for use: All provided with stainless steel hooks so they can be hanged in various places for drying. Rinse them well after washing dishes. Unwrap the white one to dry it and roll it before use.