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Handmade SPRING Hair Pin for bun, Light Weight Copper Hair Fork | Long Hair Accessories, Metal Hair Pin

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Minimalist copper hair pin

A beautiful finishing touch for your updo or messy bun hairstyle.

- Promotes hair growth: you can quit using elastics that can damage hair leaving you with dry ends. This pin holds hair well for a long time.

6" long

The spring helps to keep the pin in place. Light weight, will not pull your bun down.

- Eco friendly product, made out of recycled copper wire

- Solid wire has rustic look with rounded ends to go smoothly into the bun. Not too shiny look makes it perfect for any occasion: party, office, home, etc.

- This is a handmade item that is made to order and so it may vary slightly from the pictures.
You can be assured that each peace is made intuitively, with love.